HP LaserJet P1505 rises while printing " White smoke "

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The symptom appears over the carton to present the steam and print the base of page to present moistly or curlily when printed. The trouble is judgedIn the course of printing, if the printer emits " white smoke " And without peculiar smell, it is OK that can then confirm the hardware of the printer, can be used normally.What the assembly of heating of the printer is adopted isIntensify technology in the twinkling of an eye,The working temperature is relatively high, printing heat and vapor that produce in the course will be discharged through the air vent hole, so will rise " White smoke " Phenomenon. In the course of printing, if the printer emits " black smoke " And there are pungent burnt burnings, so perhaps it is that own hardware of the printer is problematic. The solution printer rises " White smoke " Phenomenon,it is all right it is following without being tried method solve. Try hard to use and just take out the paper not made moist from packing. Put the printer in one to ventilate the good position. Use standard 80 grams to defend manifold paper of static. After opening the paper to pack, if has not used up, had better leave the paper in the sealed environment. For example: Put in the plastic bag, then pitch the mouth to seal. Set up paper type as the ordinary paper in the printer driver. The working technique is as follows:
    Click sequentially " At the beginning " " printer and fax " . In " printer and fax " At the window, found the icon of the printer. In " printer and fax " At the window, the right key clicks and hits " HP LaserJet 1020 " The icon, choose to " print one and select " Menu one. In " HP LaserJet 1020 prints an option " At the window, click " paper / quality " Select to nip, from " type " Make and draw and choose in the tabulation " The ordinary paper " Select, then click to " confirm " Press the button. Such as pursuing A paper type is shown:Fig. 1: Paper type
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