UV prints the discussion that the smoke charters VOC question

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Quantity richness, the intersection of production equipment and most advanced cigarette make the printing enterprises excessive packaging the most, try various new technologies, new crafts, the position that has been keeping the technology in the industry leading all the time actively all the time. UV prints as a ripe printing way, occupies the extremely important position in the cigarette is chartered and printed, our company prints in UV technical application starts earlier, the apparatus is advanced, and network print and UV can master skillfully while being concave to print etc. to the intersection of UV and offset printing, UV. Government policy and supervision in the past two years, the cigarette charters VOC (organic compound of volatility) Measuring wraps up the focus that the printing enterprise pays close attention to as cigarettes. Here, I combine one's own the intersection of detection and discussion about experience print cigarette, make VOC, measure some views of problem to UV, the place of falsehood, earnestly ask everybody to make a comment.
Compared with solvent type ink, VOC content of UV ink wants the department much lower to print masterpieces to survey and study, but not that a lot of people said " Do not include VOC " . In fact, more VOC kinds that UV ink includes, just the content is generally smaller. This makes UV print cigarettes and wrap up more traditional solvent type ink and print cigarettes and wrap up on VOC content much lower. Hewlett-Packard
1.Reject one in a ticket ----Benzene
UV ink measured after solidifying completely, will find all UV ink includes benzene, this is because lose the paper in UV ink solidification, the chemical reaction shines and takes place by the ultraviolet ray in mere initiator with benzene ring, benzene ring ruptures, thus produce benzene, this is that UV prints the key point including benzene question of cigarette. As to this, I am in " the offset printing UV ink include the discussion of benzene question " (publication is in the 10th issue of 2009 of " printing technology ") Have expounded the fact in the article that has folded paper in detail, has not gone into details again. Scanning

Data come watch, UV ink includes benzene question and already gets great improvement, in the testing result after printing, solidifying of UV ink that some famous ink manufacturing enterprises such as DIC, having a match deeply produce, benzene content has dropped by 30%- 60% compared with the end of 2008. The UV print cigarette, make the intersection of benzene and reducing of content, play a positive, decisive role. It is reported, UV because benzene content exceeded standard not up to standard prints cigarettes and wraps up and already drops the makeup by a wide margin now, and UV of our company it prints the intersection of benzene and content that cigarettes makes to be to lower than limit of sector standard, require far.
2.Exceed standard multiple always
According to the author's understanding and experience, at present, every opium make UV of printing enterprise, print cigarette, make few cause not not up to standard because VOC content has always exceeded standard the multiple exceeds standard, namely the intersection of VOC and content exceed standard always multiple smaller than 15, and UV of our company print VOC content that cigarette make always exceed standard most of multiple makes a plate for 0, do not exceed 3.
3.Individual event exceed standard one
UV print cigarette contain apt to appear VOC that individual event exceed standard have different propanol, propanone, the intersection of ring and own ketone,etc. mainly now.
( 1) Different propanol
Until VOC measure, different the intersection of propanol and in use, shift probability that appear relatively high in the paper, compound the intersection of UV and the intersection of offset printing and the intersection of cigarette and bag of paper phenomenon that individual event exceed standard. There are two its main source: First, shifted paper, compound paper, I once measured too much kinds of transformation paper, the content of its different propanol is really relatively high, but the author is not clear what crafts or composition terms different propanol comes from shifting in paper, hope to have colleagues to inform it; Second, offset press want different propanol solvent that add when the moist edition. Have the light
( 2) Propanone
The main source of propanone is mere initiator in UV ink, the by-product of the chemical reaction takes place in UV ink solidification course in it. In addition, contain a certain amount of propanone in some paper, but the content is relatively low, wrapping up finished VOC and measuring the result to the final smoke influences and not bigs.
( 3) Own ketone of ring
There are three main sources of own ketone of ring: First, come from and shift paper, compound paper; Second, come from UV ink enterprises, include two parts again among them: UV ink has and production in the course of solidifying; Come from hot to print the intersection of electricity and aluminium not used in the craft. Love the color beautifully

The content exceeds standard the smoke not up to standard caused charters and accounts for smoke not up to standard to charter over half of the total amount, among them UV prints cigarettes and wraps up and takes the majority again. The cigarette printed is more difficult to wrap up to deal with that UV prints cigarettes and includes the other crafts of benzene problem, but it includes benzene problem to already basically solve at present, other every indexes are in the span of control of sector standard. Through the whole journey, among them hardships may be said, gush out Mexico while being in privation, but the author entertains firm confidence: The temporary difficulty can and exchange the experience to solve with the counterpart through being active and diligent, let us that the security environmental protection that the smoke charters is making great efforts constantly hand in hand. The number is printed

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