Silk screen printing technology in the solar cell is made

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First, solar cell make the craft

1. Accurate silk-screen printing of the solar cell

Make from the solar cell in technological process we can clearly see: Mainly making the craft as accurate silk-screen printing five times of solar cell. 1 in the flow diagram is the accurate silk-screen printing of CdS membrane; 4 is the accurate silk-screen printing of CdTe membrane; 5 is the accurate silk-screen printing of C electrode; 7 is the accurate silk-screen printing of Ag +In electrode; 8 is the accurate silk-screen printing of Ag electrode.

2. Functional ink of the special type

In the functional ink of the silk-screen printing, the ink of solar cell (such appellation tentatively) It is a kind of novel peculiar functional ink, should say the functional research, development and commercializing of the ink of these special type is most basically the most key factor too in a manufacturing technology of a solar cell. They are:

(1)CdS ink

Main pharmaceutical: Powder (5N) of CdS high purity ,A foot-path of powder is 2- 3μ m.

Auxiliary: CdCl2 powders 9.1% (wt) .

Binder: Propene, ethylene glycol (right amount of) .

(2)CdTe ink

Main pharmaceutical: Cd powders (5N) Powder (6N) with Te Join equivalently, a foot-path of its powder is 0.5μ m.

Auxiliary: CdCl2 powders 0.5% (wt) .

Binder: Propene, ethylene glycol (right amount of) .

(3)Carbon (C) Ink

Add copper impurity of 10- 50ppm into carbon ink.

(4)Ag +In ink

Add 20% (wt) into Ag ink In powder.

(5)Ag ink

Market of Ag ink sells, especially needs to care about its metal silver content while buying.

Second, thinking about the Hi-Tech silk-screen printing

1.Study the development trend to see the Hi-Tech silk-screen printing from the solar energy

Study the development plan according to the solar energy, the development trend of the solar cell is, it is centralized type to use from the ground large-scaly to develop towards dispersing type on a small scale, and then develop the universe power station and use the solar cell.

According to the solar cell researcher's authoritative opinion, the key of developing solar cell is to lower costs, for this reason, they put forward three suggestions:

(1)Reduce the production cost of the silicon material;

(2)Continue the research and development of new technology, new craft, new material, reduce the production cost greatly;

(3)The engineering level of improving the special type and printing, it is in enormous quantities and printing to realize with high quality.

From these three viewpoints which the expert put forward, as silk-screen printing workers, friends that we should be very glad to tell and engaged in the solar cell and study very proudly at the same time, so-called " printing of special type " (namely silk-screen printing) ,No matter from the apparatus today, craft and already possessing at a high speed, in enormous quantities and finishing various high-accuracy silk-screen printing (certainly including solar cell silk-screen printing) with high quality technically Ability.

So-called " continue the research and development of new technology, new craft, new material " Whether is there meaning of the following two aspects.

First, analyse on situation at present, the pillar industry of the silk-screen printing in the era of knowledge-driven economy - -There are space and opportunity continuing being developed in new energy industry; Certainly, this is including putting forward higher requirement for silk-screen printing workers, especially print the studying of the material to the new solar cell network. We can't satisfy the current situation, must also continue innovation, in order to meet the need of the scientific technical development of new energy in the new century.

Second, so-called " continue the research and development of new technology, new craft, new material " Say that there is an seeing or invisible competition or confront with each other to go on silently? In the face of such situation, people who are engaged in studying in Hi-Tech silk-screen printing can't always slack off.

2.Enlightenment of the functional ink of the special type

In the field of printing, why can melt on Hi-Tech (participate in high operation of technical equipment) by products of silk-screen printing ,And other printing forms (lithographic plate print, letterpress, intaglio printing Hi-Tech of XinXing print computer gush out, paint for instance, and distillation print and digitization print etc. even) Can't? Problem studying that this is worth very much. Besides such special network edition printing form of the silk-screen printing, the emergence of the functional ink of the special type is a factor that can't be ignored. Review and melt it to the silk-screen printing products of Hi-Tech, no matter the semiconductor (CdS/CdTe) in the solar cell And the electrode (Ag, C, Ag +In) Special type functional for ink, membrane switch silver (thick liquid) in manufacturing technology Ink, the carbon (thick liquid) Ink, insulating ink; Pb/Sn ink in SMT; Resisting and electroplating ink, corrosion resistant ink, hindering and welding the ink in the printed circuit board manufacturing technology It seemed that we could say: There is not network that print worker's research and innovation to the functional ink of the special type, the high technicalization of the silk-screen printing products can only be an impractical illusion. Because space restricts, the author will function as the special topic and describe to the functional ink of special type in the silk-screen printing in the future.

3.Have the courage to bring forth new ideas, take a broad view of the large international market

Enter the 21st century, the competition of the printing field will be more fierce, except traditional flat, protruding, concave, the network (hole) Edition of four major competitions while printing are fiercer and fiercer, the computer emerging newly gushes out and paints, distillation is printed, gush out Mexico print and digitization print it calls that people new printing technology to be independent of people's will to challenge and influence that tradition print, in the face of such severe situation, there should be a sober understanding in the industry of silk-screen printing, certainly, we will not speak and frustrate easily. We are except in the traditional network print the field " Stand fast at " Position, make great efforts to innovate outside,want we even more at fields Hi-Tech why printings other is be competent in form have work of silk-screen printing made well. Meanwhile, come, say as silk-screen printing, have gifted further broader development space, we should hit out voluntarily, aim at the eyes the Hi-Tech field, aim at the pillar industry of the era of knowledge-driven economy, aim at the domain that the silk-screen printing has not set foot in yet. Since Hi-Tech needs silk-screen printing, the silk-screen printing possesses this kind of capability again, why do not we go hard, not strive? In the face of the keen competition of China printing trade, sometimes, we will see a kind of scene making the person grieved very much, that, only for the competition, mutual haggling among the printing enterprises, " competition " of killing each other of such low level It is not worth choosing to be real. Ancient cloud: " return one step, the sea and sky are boundless " ,Yes, which quite talent's capability and economic strength to those, why can not " retreat " especially already melted and printed enterprises in the network of the Hi-Tech silk-screen printing Where is one step? Why can stand upright the intersection of tide and hair of silk-screen printing in Hi-Tech brave we, squeeze out time from the swirl of unordered or hostile competition among the Chinese printing enterprises gradually, aim at the eyes the large international market. So long as we dare to engage, the innovation that dare, dare to make to the seamans of the large international market, we are sure to obtain greater and better economic benefits and social benefit.

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