Problem and solution with common offset printing

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1. The printing machine cylinder precision has errors ' Beat) ,Will cause the same direction each pack will print products and differ. What to do to come to compensate the hue error caused because the machine is bad in precision?
A: The cylinder trouble of the printing machine is unable to remedy by other methods, so should keep the machine in good condition; Just as you can not use the car dispatched from the factory 1900, like reason of car contest that is dispatched from the factory newly.

2. How the high-speed printing machine makes sure every roll hue is controlled in ± 0. 08 ranges of variation of density?

A; The necessary installation of the machine controls and automatic function automatically.

3. It is high in yellow plum season or the workshop humidity, the often easy deinking of ink when the temperature is changed big. Want, accumulate, condense water at the cylinder, cause colour difference change heavy water stain, what to do may improve water-resistance of it in the ink?

A: Ink has already resisted water, water of condensation on the cylinder has not adjusted the temperature because of the factory building. The best method is and adjust the wet system in the installation air conditioner of the factory building.

4. Former paper paper mao ' Surface quality is poor) ,Cause, leak, print, add into ink, transfer behind the black oil improving to some extent, often too can produce, bite mouth, blow body, is there better method to solve?

A: Paper quality is not good, should change better paper; Smoothness and efficiency that the method will influence actual production of adopting and making changes according to specific conditions, even if there are solutions, do not suggest adopting either.

5. Producing the electric charge causes and punctures original paper aluminium and after the high-speed friction of metal roller, can't eliminate after installing the wheel additionally and discharging, is there better method to dispel the static?

A: Dispel the static device, besides installing the static and dispelling the pole on the machine, the ones that can regulate the factory building are warm and humid, for example add or subtract the degree of the air conditioner, and load onto adjusting the wet device automatically in the factory; If does not install, the adjustable wet paper for example " hangs the paper " . In a word, warm and humid to change it until paper and factory building are unanimous, the trouble can be solved.

6. Some the intersection of dark color and special dark (such as getting dark blue, coffee color is purple) ,Extremely easy the body arises outside the glue mouth, can only be improving by improving the viscosity at present, can have produced on paper maoing offset printing trouble but too,will you please solve method made the best of both worlds to have?

A: Get up body reason gutter liquid sour tooth uneven and black base bad, please regulate ink and gutter liquid.

7. What factors cause the color when printing to change?

A: A lot of factors can't be recorded to the limit, please measure the paper, ink, gutter liquid, factory building warm and humid, rubber rubberized fabric, black roller, machine performance and state.

8. The glue roller is after washing for a long time (use and wash water of car to change special, 5, 0.3 kilograms group) ,Find the glue roller out of shape, the middle is thickened, can recommend good washing water of car (Roll Wash) ?

A: Wash car water whether mixing of oil company fill a prescription products, should choose one all Company of quality assurance order, manufacturer also should test which one washes the intersection of train and ink and is suit application by oneself; Adopt and import and wash water of car expensively very much, non- straight recommendation.

9. How to avoid drawing the color? For example: There is a design, blue takes the layout greatly, accounts for few proportions and red, yellow, the body arises because of pulling out blue Chinese ink to often see red, butter Chinese ink?

A: It is a polychromed problem of double exposure to draw the color, should adjust the first group and print color to the last group of viscosity of printing the color; The first group of viscosity is the strongest, the last group of viscosity is the weakest, then first group (mostly black) Ink strongest without being stuck,it is difficult afford to draw, intermediate when sticking second group of red or blue ones, to stick, will draw get up ink that print before while being weak third - four; The intersection of ink and trader to have quality assurance, must will say which viscosity value (TACK) of ink does it have on not packing ,The captain can also regulate sticking ability of every monochromatic ink with modulator of ink.

10. EB sum other ink in ink ' Ink and UV ink) used for general offset printing What differences are there? What special requirements does EB ink have with the cloth of rubber to print?

A: The ordinary offset printing ink oxidizes the dry ink, dehumidify ink by permeating and oxidizing with the air; UV ink only feels the ink, shines the leather film of ink to harden by the ultraviolet ray, needn't wait drily, cloth flexible rubber and two of elasticity, now should print, adopt more elastic the intersection of rubber and cloth, which kind of seal one cloth of any rubbers is relatively suitable for, must try printing by oneself, ask out the best cooperation.

11. Why the intersection of Mexico and easy the intersection of body and edition specially, print getting right and poor?

A: Because ink uses a large number of exhibition color pharmaceuticals specially ' Transparent Chinese ink) ,Viscosity (TACK) Relatively low, mixing the rice flour of millet or mere oil can lower the question.

12. How to solve the chromatography problem caused by apparatus and other problems?

A: (1) Use better paper, ( Two) Use better ink, ( Three) Use better printing edition, ( Four) Use better rubber cloth, ( Five) Use better ink additive, ( Six) Spend the industrial chemicals with quality assurance ' Liquid of gutter,etc.) , (7) It is it warm and humid to regulate by state that last paper been by factory building, ( Eight) Keep the intersection of machine and performance to be good, wash and maintain hardworkingly and (9) Strengthen, educate staff member, make real the intersection of problem of perception and; Encourage them to study and put forward and improve the suggestion.

Propose: Some questions had in printing are the fundamental question, such as the machine, supplies, factory building environment, if solve half-heartedly, has not progressed and can speak, it has no rice to cook a meal that the skillful woman embarrasses, how good staff members can't perform conjuring tricks either. The non- fundamental question of another one is the idea of administrative staff and work, change on communication and attitude. Administrative staff and staff member should accept the education continuously, establish and link up the mechanism effectively, modern management is called managing in an all-round way, encourage being begun to find out the cause of the issue by the basic unit, chase problem and solution in the layer to transmit upwards, the administrative staff analyzes the reason and examines the validity of the solution by scientific method, and strengthen and discuss to be in the hope of reaching the best result. Certainly get support from supreme administration and supervision authorities finally, will for example suggest some capital suggestions add the factory building and adjust the temperature at constant temperature, must one time capital investment,not admit, being must exist all problemmed, can't really solve the problem.

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