How to make uv solidification machine

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UV solidification calls UV Curing or UV Coating in English, UV solidification is a photochemical reaction, it is UV glue that is daubed to the surface of crystal, realized the hardened course by UV ultraviolet irradiation, UV solidification similar to traditional drying process, but principles are different, generally the solvent volatilizes and forms and hardens with the aid of plating in materials in the traditional dryness, it has no solvent to volatilize but UV solidifies.

Add photoinitiators into resin of the special prescription ' Or photo sensitiser) ,Through absorbing the ultraviolet ray (UV) After the high strength ultraviolet light in the photo-curing apparatus, produced active free radical or ion group, thus initiate getting together, cross linking and slip to react, enable resin (UV coating, ink, adhesive,etc.) Within several seconds ' Vary) Turn from liquid state into the solid condition. (course of this change is called " UV solidification ")

UV light

There are ultraviolet rays (Ultraviolet radiation is abbreviated as UV) in shortwave long sides of the visible light The area, wavelength range 100~400nm. The ultraviolet area is according to International Commission on Illumination (CIE) And International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Can be divided into the following wavelength lands:

UV-A: 315~400nm

UV-B: 280~315nm

UV-C: 100~280nm

UV-V: Above 390 nm

(wavelength range of UV-C have not been unified yet in disciplines such as the hospital, chemistry,etc. in biology)

According to photon energy E =H / ¦Ë type (h constant, ¦Ë's optical wavelength) ,The shorter the wavelength is, the higher the photon energy is. UV-A with lower energy has all chemical action, so call the chemical line too. Fields such as UV-A UV solidification used for synthetic, coating or continuing pharmaceutical of the organic matter,etc.. UV-B function result to the living beings is big, can cause erythema function and pigmentation,etc., so call the biological line. UV-C is a deep uv light. Because the short energy of the wavelength is large, sterilize function, can decompose molecular combination. To the solidification of UV glue, only UV-A has stronger results. The ultraviolet UV solidification glue can be solidified under the ultraviolet light-struck of wavelength 365nm- 400nm rapidly, thus it is due to give play to and continue the intensity.

UV solidification fit by the intersection of light source and system, ventilation system ' It is a fan) , control system (digital display timer) , several parts of container body form.

UV light source system

It is by UV modulator tube, lamp shade, voltage transformer (ballast) , capacitor (flip-flop) Composition.

1. UV modulator tube

UV light on the market is divided into two kinds of high pressure mercury lamps and Metal Halide Lamps at present. Chinese apparatuses generally adopt the high pressure mercury lamp, some import equipment adopts the Metal Halide Lamp. (propose using the Metal Halide Lamp)

(1), the choice of UV lamp power. The radiant energy that the power of UV light is UV light, calls penetrating power too. First of all, it must satisfy UV ink (transparent ink) Absorptive spectrum wavelength and requirement for the power density. If power of UV light is not enough, even illumination time is longer, cross number of times of the device of UV solidification much, the products can not reach complete solidification either. On the contrary, will also enable UV ink (transparent ink) The surface layer wears out, closes, becomes fragile etc., the ink (transparent ink) at the same time Adhesion getting finer,will make by binding forces interlaminar that be overprinted bad. Because baby the intersection of UV and light can't penetrate the intersection of ink layer and bottom, make bottom to be uncured with insufficient solidification.

2,UV lamp power should generally meet the requirement for 80- 120W/ cm, but the greater the power is large the heat be, so should be according to solidifying thing and solidification speed with choosing the power.

Intensity of UV light

The intensity of UV light depends on the power density of UV modulator tube, the general daily specification is as follows,

80W / cm is 200W / inch

120W / cm is 300W / inch

160W / cm is 400W / inch

240W / cm is 600W / inch

(3), UV light (high pressure mercury lamp) Maximum life-span so so 800 - 1000Hour, should change reach, reach the intersection of UV and light of interval of time this emissive ultraviolet intensity of light faint, will influence the solidification result. Propose according to the production environment (pneumatic dust content) within service time at the same time Different, clean the intersection of modulator tube and surface and the intersection of reflection lampshade and external baffle board with anhydrous ethanol in appropriate time, again UV modulator tube ext. 90 degrees. Favorable to all effective radiation of UV ray to UV ink or transparent ink like this. .

2.Reflection lampshade

The type of the reflection lampshade has focusing on types, not focusing on type and polyhedral and reflecteds. It was focusing on type that was generally adopted. The structural features of this kind of reflection lampshade is that the reflected UV light energy is centralized, photo-curing is high in efficiency, favorable to thick the intersection of ink and solidification of ink layer, can enable complete solidification of deep layer of the ink.

3.Voltage transformer

The choice of the voltage transformer must match power of UV light, namely the voltage transformer must have sufficient output voltage, in order to guarantee the full power of UV modulation capability works. If exporting the overtension will make the modulator tube burnt; And output voltage overlow, modulator tube can't full power work, thus make the intersection of ultraviolet ray and output to be intensity insufficient.

4. Capacitor

The capacitive choice should form a complete set with modulator tube and voltage transformer, choose the used and capacitive anti-voltage degree according to the output voltage of the voltage transformer. Will make the electric capacity punctured if it is improper to choose, influence the normal operation of UV solidification device.

All right, everybody understands main fittings now, and then let's begin to assemble

Guarantee UV normal good work of lights need to guarantee the following key elements:

The point uv light power that the first choice matches, the related uv voltage transformer / capacitor should be in conformity with UV light required voltage / electric current, uv the power rating / secondary voltages of voltage transformer / working current / insulating coefficient / anti-voltage degree and the capacity / withstand voltages of capacitor /can if you can't wash, discharge by number of times, have determined the luminescent efficiency / stability and life-span of UV modulator tube directly;

The second adapts the attention of fitting with UV lamp power of the air blower: Can not blow to cool to the surface of the modulator tube with the gale, otherwise the surface hypothermia of the modulator tube will cause the arc extinction of the modulator tube to turn off the light.

Third reflection lampshade with appropriate choice: The made-to-order standard lamp shade of UV lamp shade is generally divided into lamp shade and Collimated Light lamp shade of spot light the market.

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