CPC function summary of the printing machine of Heidelberg

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In more than 30 years after successively developing polychromed machine remote control device and quality control system from success of German Luo Lan Company of 1972, swift and violent development that the automatic control system of the printing machine got. Nearly all manufacturers in the world put out one's own automatic control system, this nearly becomes a trend. The person who leads undoubtedly in this trend will belong to Heidelberg undoubtedly. This text will introduce some to CPC control system, CP-tronic system, CP2000 system of Heidelberg Company.

CPC control system

It is CPC (ComputerPrintingControl) that the computer of Heidelberg Company prints the control system System, it is Heidelberg that apply the intersection of lithographic plate and printing machine to, used for, assign black quantity, it gives Mexico, remote control to be suit accurate can control first kind of printing quality systemming of the expanding type remotely in advance. System this have black quantity and suit allow control device CPCl, printing quality the intersection of control device and CPC2, the intersection of printing plate and picture read the intersection of device and CPC3, set, allow the intersection of control device and CPC4, data management system CPC5.

1.CPCl print control device

Heidelberg CPCl is printed the control device to allow the device to make up for black device and remote control suit remotely, it has three kinds of different types, represent three pieces of different expansion progression.

(1)CPC1-O1 giving Mexico and suit allow remote control device basic in this. This device controls and realizes the regulation of black quantity the electrical machinery of the ink marker through the button on the control cabinet, allow electrical machinery to control to set to realize polychromed set that prints is accurate.

The printing machines of Heidelberg of control of black quantity divide 32 (printing machines which run from opposite directions black roller into at the axial, it is 20 that four starts the machine) The area, the width of each black district is 32.5mm, while regulating black quantity in printing the aircrew, can realize by regulating the single black quantity of black district. On the control cabinet of CPCl-O1, control 32 groups of the little electrical machinery to regulate the button 7, is correspondent to 32 black districts respectively. Each group has two buttons, the button above, in order to add the black button, the button below is in order to reduce the black button. Above the button is a black quantity display, there are 32 groups too like regulating buttons, correspond to 32 black districts separately, and every group of displays is made up of 16 LED, unless it use for reveal area is black thickness of membrane, unless there are on 0-0.52mm on range that be regulated, represent every doses small on 0. Olmm.

The regulation of black quantity happens in the whole ink marker, can change the roller intermittence of the ink marker to turn the size of the angle round to realize through the button 3 on the control cabinet. The ink marker roller turned the regulation of the angle round but controlled through the little electrical machinery too, the size of turning round angle can reveal on the display above the button, the number value revealed at this moment, in order to turn angle and the largest percentage of turning round angle round actually, if the display reveals " 45" Show the actual gyration angle of the ink marker roller is 45% of the largest corner, regulate 1% that the precision went back to the corner for being the most largely.

There are two groups of buttons that are used for controlling cylinder axial and Zhou Xiang's set of the printing plate to be accurate on one set of accurate control cabinets, it is through installing and realizing to control the course in the little electrical machinery of the end of roller spindle of the printing plate. Likewise, control that can reveal above each button in number value adjusted, it regulate precision is for 0. for K2mm in Olmm, adjustment range.

Observe one set of directrixes of cross which prints kind, the error of confirming a variety of set allowing on the control cabinet with the magnifying glass. Then choose the button to choose the corresponding aircrew through the aircrew, and allow operating key to regulate through set.

(2)CPC1-02CPC1-02 has also increased cassette tape device, light pen, black membrane thickness and distributed storing device and processor etc. besides having all functions of CPC1-O1. Use the light pen to row on the black quantity display, can record and store the present distribution situation of black membrane thickness in the storing device in the form of data, can use directly only needing to access while needing.

The intersection of cassette tape and device of CPCl-02 can transfer, read whom device offer, transfer the data by the intersection of CPC3 and printing plate in advance, so can adjust for black quantitying to the number value presumed rapidly, thus has shortened and prepared working time, have raised production efficiency.

(3)Another kind of expansion form that is CPC1 device of CPCl-03, it has offered many kinds of control methods of controlling manually, moving and controlling and moving and controlling at the same time automatically at the same time etc., can link with CPC2 printing quality control device through the intersection of data and line, measure, print the intersection of CPC2 and device each black the intersection of Mexico and layers of thickness of district convert black the intersection of quantity and adjustment value to at the product, and compare it with number value presumed, and then correct according to leaning towards difference, thus reach the number value booked more quickly, more accurately.

(4)CPC1-04CPC1-04 allow remote control system for the intersection of Heidelberg and the intersection of printing machine and another a new kind of black quantity and suit, can totally replace the original CPC1-02 and CPC1-03 device, and compatible, his all functions. The information of such new control system reveals that adopts the plasma display the same as CP-tronic of Heidelberg, and operate and similar to CP-tronic with the display mode, therefore make the systems of CPC and CP-tronic link and control more simply and conveniently.

The function is further rich and varied too in CPC1-04 system, information is represented with picture, is similar to CP window system, make the operation of diagnosing etc. of printing control and trouble simpler, has raised working efficiency. The whole mantle of CPC1-04 system allows remote control to be operated by a group of single operating keys, the procedure is more rational.

Servo electrical machinery and printing plate cylinder suit allowed in the remote control of CPC1-04 black district there were great improvements than before in control of the electrical machinery. The black quantity distributing value of printed matter is set up, CPC1-04 system can control 120 electrical machineries of black district to control black quantity at the same time now, make Mexico and the intersection of water and black the intersection of equilibrium and necessary time shorten 50% more than than before on the complete machine, too than originally can control more set to be accurate to spend the servo electrical machinery at the same time now such as CPC1-04 meanwhile, thus great reduction change plate and print, work makeup-time.

Print the data management system CPC51 to unite and use with the reader CPC31 or Heidelberg of printing plate of Heidelberg, CPC1-04 system may be compared with in the past more seal one carried on black quantity and was distributed and mediated the data to store in advance. For example, 50 different sites that print one are distributed information on CPC31, through the magnetic stripe card, carry on data conversion and analysis in CPC1-04 system at the same time, preserve black quantity and is distributed the number value, and store respectively, thus can raise dependability and efficiency of presuming the work in advance greatly. CPCl-04 system that produces on later stage can also control to the mere unit on printing machine of Heidelberg Company accurately accurate set.

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